Hanna Zawa-Cywińska

Pracownia grafiki

Born in Łomża, Poland. She studied journalism at University of Warsaw, diploma 1965. From 1967 till 1994 she lived in the United States. She also studied at the State University of New York printmaking and advertising. Diploma FIT, advertising, 1981. From 1994 till 2004 she lived and worked in Switzerland (Sion). From 2004 she lives in Warsaw, Poland.

She is an active member of Visual Arts Association-Switzerland-VISARTE and a member of International Association of Art (UNESCO).

She participated in more then 150 shows around the world and she has had a number of solo shows in the USA, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland. She makes paintings, prints and sculptures. Achievements and creation of Zawa are collected and described in the book titled „Hanna Zawa Cywinska” published by Museum in Sanok.

At the early stage of her career Hanna Zawa-Cywińska searched for her own style and technique that allow to obtain a 3D effect and started to work with thermoplastic EXPANCEL microspheres produced by Akzo-Nobel. Even her first art works from the eighties, created surprising effect of three dimensional texture, unprecedented in painting. It convinced Hanna to continue to work with the microspheres on a large scale.

Hanna comments the process: “EXPANCEL has opened up for me absolutely new possibilities of creation. Pulp of pigments mixed with the substance, which grows under the influence of heat from the heating gun, surprises both with the form and delicateness of texture. Art works created with EXPANCEL I consider as a dialogue with the substance. Thanks to this combined technique a huge part of my creative output has been created, especially series like Boards, Calendars, Journals and many more.”

Her works are represented in several countries among others:
National Museum of Women in Arts, Washington, USA;
Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie, Poland;
Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi, Poland;
Muzeum Okręgowe w Chełmie, Poland;
Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Hünfeld, Germany;
MIT Museum, Cambridge, USA;
New England Center for Contemporary Art, USA;
Tucson Museum of Fine Arts, USA;
Muzeum Historyczne w Sanoku, Poland.